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"I was struggling mentally by having no enthusiasm to do anything and my self-confidence was so low due to putting on a lot of weight and not fitting into any of my clothes etc. By joining BatesFit as cringe as it sounds, I have found a lot of self-love. I have found confidence to go to the gym and join a new dance group! As well of course losing weight and feeling great!" - Anabel Edridge, 1-1 and online client. 

"I’ve learnt about all the benefits of weight training. Before training with Bates Fit it would have never been something I would’ve gone in for as you assume that heavy weightlifting is for boys only but by joining BatesFit I’ve been made aware of all the amazing benefits it has for women and would be my chosen way to work out now and in the future. BatesFit has helped as its not only got me active in our one-to-one sessions, which I wouldn’t of had the dedication to do by myself but it has also given me a lot of education into how best sculpt my body. I would recommend BatesFit to anyone in a heartbeat." - Francesca Winslow, 1-1 and online client. 

"Right from the first session I always have felt 100% comfortable with Hannah, she is so non-judgemental and tailors each session to the intensity I like to work at and also pushes me to do more which always feels amazing! I have learnt so much at BatesFit and I’m constantly asking Hannah questions during our sessions which she always answers so clearly. The main thing has been learning new exercises and how to put them all together to form my own gym programme when I go to the gym on my own."


Fliss Love, 1-1 client.

"The sessions were challenging but in the best way possible. Definitely the best money I have spent and 100% worth it."-  Lia Smith, 1-1 client.


"You are just amazing! You’ve been there for me all the way and been so so supportive the whole way and I’ve lost 3.5 stone so far! Still going so not at the end goal but I’ve lost so much weight and am happy with how I look" - Courtney Bond, 1-1 and online client.


"Hannah always knows how far to push me in our sessions and I always feel like I’ve worked hard. We always have a good catch up as well! Hannah has helped me so much that my mental health is the best it’s been in years." - Emma Bell, 1-1 and online client 


"You’ve help me improve so much mentally and physically and have given the confidence to use the gym and stay active. I would rate the sessions a 10/10 as they are so fun and from the get go you made me feel at ease and didn’t judge and made me learn so many new things" - Billie Day, 1-1 client 


"But I’ll be honest, without your support and guidance I would have given up. I know you say ‘it’s what I do’ but you also need to have more belief in yourself - you’ve got a gift and that is motivating and guiding people. It’s not just about physical strength, mentally I feel you’ve brought me a long way. Never did I ever think I’d be able to walk into a gym confidently. And that’s because of you. I never thought I’d enjoy exercise but you make it fun and enjoyable. I really look forward to our sessions and honestly getting a PT was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m forever grateful for you and what you do" - Emily Laker, 1-1 & Online Client