1-1 Personal Training

Never been to a gym? Want to learn how to correctly lift weights, all while feeling stronger mentally and physically? Or are you already experienced but just need that extra boost and applied knowledge? Whatever your reasoning, advanced or complete novice, I can help! 


l work out of a semi private gym in the village of Ashington, just off the A24. I offer 1-1 personal training and specialise in strength and resistance based sessions. 


Join me today and let’s make this change together!

What can you expect?


How will we start?

  • In the first session I will do an initial assessment. Checking for postural issues and muscular imbalances, assessing your flexibility, strength, mobility and knowledge of exercise. After this I will go through certain exercises and will teach you the technique and how to perform the exercises correctly.


  • Following the first few sessions where teaching technique is a priority, I will then plan out the sessions according to your goals, whether it is overall strength, toning a certain area of your body or just becoming better at lifting weights.



What might a typical session include?

  • 10 Minutes on the bike to warm up as well as a chat about what the session will entail and why we will be doing the exercises.
  • Stretching
  • Go through Squat Technique and then complete some weighted barbell squats
  • Move onto hip thrusts, targeting the glutes and hamstrings.
  • Finish the lower body section with Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Move onto upper body weights
  • Finish with stretches and feedback of the session from the client. Then go over what we will do next time/need to work on.




The Gym: